For whom?

Healing/ energy work is suited for every thing that is alive; people, animals and plants. I prefer to give healings to (high) sensitive adults, (New Age/ indigo) children and animals. But I also love to give healings to pregnant woman and babies. Next to that I like to guide clients who work with other people, children and or animals, like for example therapists, teachers, masseurs, parents or pet trainers, etc.

I am a New Age Child and highly sensitive. I enjoy contact with other (highly) sensitive people, children and animals very much because then I can use my sensitive and healing capacities. In that way I follow my own life mission. Especially heart-to-heart contact with others has a healing effect on me.

Healing for adults & older persons

It touches my heart that through healing I may touch others literally and figuratively speaking. Through my life experience, I think I can really be there for somebody else with love and without judgment. It makes me happy when my client gets new clear insights and is able to come more into his of her own power.

During a healing, you lay down fully dressed on my massage table. With my intention and energy (unconditional love), which flows from my hands, heart and aura I will give you a healing. With my hands, I will touch your body on different places. Usually I start at your feet and work my way up to your head. In general my clients experience a deep relaxed, safe and loving feeling, in which we can work.

That means, that conscious and unconscious not yet expressed emotions from your life (including your childhood and former lives) will be released from your body, so the self-healing capacity from your body gets activated again.

Healing for children and babies

Often I experience that children are so sensitive and that it is important to deal with the boundaries of a child lovingly, honest, integer and respectful. Especially when children have complaints or are unbalanced. I think children are so wise and know so well what they need. For me it is important that a child gives its personal permission for a healing.

Because parents and children are so closely linked with each other, it is very pleasant when parents are willing to look at themselves honestly as well. I usually heal a baby through the mother, while the mother is holding her baby.

Healing for animals

Animals, and especially cats, have been always very important for me. During my not always easy childhood, luckily animals were always around with their unconditional love. I was curious what animals were thinking and felt and learned that I could exchange information with them. I thought that was very normal. Already when I was a child I wanted to help animals.

Mostly I treat dogs, cats and horses, but I am open to treat other animals as well. Every time I am curious what the character, defends mechanism and trauma of the animal is. I have the desire to remove pain and trauma from the animal and let the eyes of an animals glow again, so they can radiate their unconditional love (again). For me there is nothing better on earth. :-)

A healing can help an animal for example with:

  •  kate & paardVague complaints; hair Loss, skin complaints or allergies
  • Pain
  • Additional to vet treatment
  • Recovery after surgery or an accident
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Abuse
  • Behavior problems
  • Not eating/ overeating
  • Problems with potting training
  • Confusion with moving, divorce of owners or new owners
  • Grieve after deceasing of owner
  • (Separation) anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Stress

Unnecessary to mention is that I am not a vet or an animal behaviorist and if I think it is necessary, I will refer you to a professional. I do think I can give you more insight in the situation of your animal and I can offer healing.

There are two ways to give Healing to an animal. Through Hands-on-Healing or (long) distance Reading & Healing through a photo.

Usually I give Hands-on-Healing on location to prevent stress of the animal as much as possible. With my hands I will touch the animal on different places on the body to release energetic blocks (not yet expressed emotions and trauma), so the self-healing ability of the body gets stimulated again. This works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. A healing takes about 45 minutes. After the healing it is desired the animal can drink water and is able to urinate and defecate.

Or I give an animal a Reading & Healing through a photo. I prefer to receive a clear photo by mail, where I can see his or her whole body and a photo where I can see the eyes of the animal. It is important nobody else is on the picture. This way of giving a healing is more suited if you would like to receive more information about your animal or want to ask it questions. This treatment takes about 45 minutes and you will get a report of the Healing sent by mail.

Usually it works best to give the animal three healings in a row. In this way the animal is given a change to get used to the healing energy and me. And we can go deeper into the issue.

Because the owner of the animal and the animal itself are closely connected it is preferred the owner is willing to look at him or herself honestly as well. It may be the case an animal is mirroring behavior or with his behavior want to make something clear to the owner. It is important the animal itself gives permission for the Healing.


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