Intuitive painting

What:Intuitive painting
When: Every other week on Wednesday morning, to deliberate
What time:9.30 a.m. till 11.30 a.m.
Where:Diefdijk 19 in Everdingen, The Netherlands, Europe
Price:€ 150 (8x including all material and coffee/ tea)

Please register up front through mail or text message. Kate Boone +31-6-51871344 or

The group exists of a maximum of 6 persons. You do not need any painting experience.

When you paint intuitively, you use your feelings instead of your brains. For a moment you can let go of what “should be” or “supposed to be”. You may relax and let out what wants to be manifested through your painting. Because you are you and not anybody else, you can only paint yourself and that what is in the moment for you. Together we can “read” your painting and you will learn more about yourself. Intuitive painting is expressing your self, relaxing. On canvas everything goes. Color is feelings and energy. Every color is different and has a different energy.

If the group wants I can guide a short meditation to unwind and relax before we start. Feel free. Personally I think it is most important that you go home relaxed and fulfilled. And of course had a great time.

This course is suited for experienced and inexperienced painters. The course is including use of all the painting material you need and a canvas of 80 x 80 cm, 80 x 100 cm or 100 x 100 cm. Including (organic) coffee and tea. We will be working 8 sessions on one canvas to layer the paint en get more depth. If you would like to use a second canvas it will cost € 10 till € 15 extra.