Kate Boone

IMG_3725Welcome. So nice you want to learn more about me. I was born in 1973 and I live on the countryside in Everdingen, a small village in the middle of The Netherlands (Europe). I live together with my husband Bart, our 3 beautiful children (born in 2003, 2005 & 2011), 12 (stray) cats, our dear (Greek former stray) dog and 2 guinea pigs. I describe myself as somebody with a healthy curiosity for people, their behavior and their underlying motivations. My life experience and my strong intuition make me able to offer Healing and clear insights in a direct and loving way.

My inspiration

By different (unpleasant) experiences in my life, my desire for love and contact with myself, others and God is magnified. Manifesting Love each day a little more in myself and on this earth and then share it with others is the common thread in my life.

My background

MAVO (High school), HAVO (High school), MEAO Commercial (Middle Economic School), HEAO Communication (Higher Economic School/ Bachelor degree), Holistic Massage (Holos, MBO), Reflexology (Holos), Reiki, Baby massage (Holos), Teacher Babymassage (Holos) and Bach Bloesem Remedies. Next to that different courses, seminars and workshops like: “Contact en Resonance” (Hans Velders), “Communication with Animals” & “Healing course for Animals” (Lity van Hoboken), “Healing Angels of the Energy Field” (Lisette-Anne Volker), De Reconnection (Eric Pearl), Angel Certification Program (Charles Virtue), “The Emerald Heart” (Dave Ashworth), Healing Touch for Animals (level 1), “Problem Solving Solutions for dogs” (Turid Rugaas), “40 Days without Sugar” (Miss Natural), “Organic Food in a Nutshell” (Kraaybeekerhof Academie), “The Magic between Child and Horse” (Terra Natura, School for Essential Horse Communication). And the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe (Bachelor degree for Healing, education in Austria). Barbara Brennan is the author of the books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”. For more information about my education, you can visit “Links”.


“Kate is very loving, gentile, responsible and open-hearted woman. As a healer I experienced her as patient welcoming all what is in the moment and I felt safe. She loves cat’s and looks gorgeous in blue :-)” Blessings Tanja Bregar from Slovenia, Bio energy therapist, Healer at Recharge Studio Would you like to know more? You can always mail or call me. Be welcome!