What is Healing?

With my hands, my intention and my energy (universal love), I clean and recharge the aura (the 7 different energy layers in and around the body) of my client. In that way I remove unexpressed emotions from this or former lives. Unexpressed emotions can create energy blocks in the aura, which may cause disease. When the unexpressed emotions are cleared from the aura, the energy starts to flow again and the self-healing ability of the body gets stimulated.

Healing helps creating more awareness and energetically balance:

 Your body

  • Illness or accident
  • Muscle pain
  • Surgery
  • hart3Delivery, miscarriage and abortion
  • Addiction
  • Sexual abuse
  • Burn out
  • Fatigue

Your emotions

  • Mourning/ grieve
  • Separation
  • (Postpartum) depression
  • Burnout
  • (Separation) anxiety
  • Anger/ aggression
  • Stress

Your mind

  • Clear and logical thinking
  • Good memory
  • Resistance to do what you want in life
  • Clarity about your dilemma

Your spiritual body

  • Basic trust
  • Experience of God
  • Entities
  • Angels

In short, Healing helps you to manifest your own happiness and health. And it helps you to follow your passion effortless.